Our one to one search engine optimisation workshop was developed to help our clients understand how Google and other SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) rank their WordPress website pages. The workshop is for business owners who have a WordPress website and are interested in understanding how their website ranks for specific keywords and how they can improve their websites ranking for a keyword search.

Business Owners

Developing A New
WordPress website?

The workshop will also hugely benefit business owners who are developing a new website and want to be sure  it is correctly setup for search engine result pages. Understanding some on-page SEO techniques at this stage of the development will help save time in future changes.

Layman's Chat

Easy To Understand.

We won’t be talking too much technical jargon throughout the workshop. So you should be able to follow along and understand the concepts without much or any knowledge in how websites work.

We’ll go at a pace that suits you and we’ll ensure the course is tailored to your own websites needs. We’ll even make some changes to your site as we go along. How does that sound? 

So what am I going to learn?

Here is a selection of what you will learn during the SEO workshop. Just remember it might vary depending on your specific needs and that you can direct the workshop. This is the benefit of a one to one. 

What’s the workshop format?

During the SEO workshop we will start by establishing how much you already know and understand about SEO. We’ll confirm if you’re already on Google’s Search console. We will check which search terms your customers are using in Google. We’ll run through a step by step process to see what we we can do to improve your website’s rank ability and we will make some changes to the site if you have the logins at hand. We’ll explore the software tools available to us to gather keyword phrases and to monitor how our website is performing overtime. 

Our amazing Clients
Brad worked closely with me to devise a strategy that suited my business' exact needs. He took the time to explain the various viable approaches and the rationale and mechanics behind each (which I really appreciated as SEO is completely new to me) We also spoke about short and longer term strategies, and what was possible within the confines of my budget and importantly for me, Brad detailed the metrics that we could measure the success of these strategies.

He also critically analysed my website and gave great tips and fixes for some errors and oversights I'd made in creating it. I feel like he went above and beyond in our initial consultation and gave me things that I could start doing immediately to begin improving my SEO score. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad and his team to anyone looking to increase traffic to their website!
Conor Donelan

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We’ll cover SEO, UX and Goals on your wordpress website.

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