Pixelated Bubble gets your brand noticed online by building Search Optimised Websites and creating highly targeted Programmatic Display campaigns & Search strategies that help Google find and direct the right people to your brands website.

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Search optimised websites

We build powerful WordPress CMS that are optimised for search.

We only integrate plugins that provide value and help your business get found. We hate bulky websites and so does Google. 

Search Strategy

We create search strategies that drive targeted traffic to you.

We can create custom audiences using your competitors website visitors. Imagine instantly being able to tap into an already interested customer base.   

WORKSHOPS & Consultations

Understand how search engines rank your website.

We’re building workshops for SME’s and entrepreneurs who want to better understand how search engines work. You will gain that competitive advantage over your competition. W’ve also created over 100 PXB standard operation procedure documents to help our clients understand some of the other tools and techniques that will help their business get noticed online.

Our amazing clients.

We're proud of our diverse portfolio and the partnerships we've built. Below, we showcase projects that highlight our commitment to excellence and adaptability across various industries. Explore our work below to understand the value we bring to our clients.


Sarah Naylor Academy

Leo Cruz Counsellor

Four Four Mag

Global AVX

BigO Creative

Great Lighthouses of Ireland

Irish Lights Navigate 2050

Soundworks Limited

Touristy Ireland

Inspace Interior Design

Web services we provide.

Some of the benefits to partnering with us at pixelated bubble. We'll use all our experience and expertise to ensure we find a solution that will help your business reach its goal.

Optimised Websites

All our websites are optimised for Google and other search engines.

Search Community

Our community are learning and executing new search strategies weekly.

Data Driven Decisions

It'a all about the data. We don't use guess work to identify performing keywords.

Money Saving Strategies

Our strategies are efficient. Why waste money showing the wrong people your advert.

By Your Side Support

We're there for our clients every step of the way. Phone, Email and through our online search community.

Education & SOP's

We spend a lot our day researching, building and executing web strategies and websites. We've put these tasks on paper.

Featured & Latest Marketing Articles

Below is a selection of the latest SEO & SEM tips, news, and exclusive views from our Pixelated Bubble team. We'll be regularly posting tips and techniques to help you boost your website’s organic ranking.
8 Min Read

What is the difference betwen SEO and SEM?

We mention these terms quite a lot at Pixelated Bubble. In this article, we try to help you understand the difference between SEO and SEM and why we use them together in our strategies.

Self Search Sufficient Community

A "pixelated bubble" of entrepreneurial minds.

We are all networking, and working together to help each other create and execute targeted strategies that are getting our businesses noticed online.

Schedule a consultation to get tailored insights and advice on how to improve your website. Would you like 1-1 personalised SEO training?


Pixelated Bubble Ltd.

We build search optimised websites and create highly targeted programmatic display campaigns for our clients.

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